Public Speaking

Do You:

DON’T! You can overcome it. All you have to do is take the first step with me.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the point in your career where your voice matters. You also recognize you have severe shortcomings that inhibit your success. Perhaps you have stage fright, a stutter, or realize your YouTube or podcast performance falls flat. If you’re here, it means you’re not ready to give up.

Let me reassure you that all of your speaking problems are not only wholly fixable but that you already have all the tools to overcome them. You just don’t know how to use them.

Everyone can learn to speak in a way that engages the audience. I’ll show you how to use your personality to command a presence and talk effectively. When watching a live speaker or one on video, people feel first and think later. Effective speaking and presentation start with how your audience feels rather than thinks. Most of us have a hard time learning how to command an audience’s feelings. But it’s a skill that YOU can develop.

Yesterday’s models of public speaking don’t fit today’s and tomorrow’s platforms. Think of it like wearing heels and trying to run a mile. Many personal speaking problems derive from the sense that one is not matching a predetermined template. Public Speaking is trapped in a 20th-century mindset that rewarded stale and stiff, prim and proper professional speech. Together we break that mold. 

At Inspirocity, not only will you overcome your presentation and public speaking inhibitions, but you will be able to take your talents to all the latest platforms using a voice that is truly your own.

With Inspirocity, every corporate professional and creative entertainer will discover their strengths and learn how to play them to their advantage. Whether on stage, in the boardroom, or on video for your growing followers and fans, we will train you for your speaking environment. We regularly work with: 

Your path to finding your voice and confidence will be unique.

Work with a trainer who understands what makes you or your company unique. You are ready to level up your business leadership and influencer status. 

For Business

To be successful in your corporate career, practical and effective public speaking skills are a must. While interpersonal office relations have always been a key to career success, the frequency and level at which we encounter advancement opportunities through presentations and meetings are increasing. Even company emails are starting to include video and audio presentations. Since you have found your way here, I suspect you realize it’s time to conquer or refine your speaking skills to move your career forward
Speaking presentations in the corporate world are not the dry, mechanical, and dull things they once were. There is no longer such a strict limit on style, and letting your personality shine through is encouraged. Utilizing your strengths is the key to what I’m going to teach you.
Hand in hand, we will overcome your nervousness and apprehension before crowds. Not only will you abandon your fear of judgment, but you will also be eager to present your true self on stage, in video, and voice. All while staying what’s being branded as “New Professional.”
With the help of my coaching, you’ll be able to:

For Influencers

21st-century web platforms, or what was once referred to as Web 2.0, have been the biggest game-changer in changing and even redefining “public speaking.” By lowering the bar for entry for reaching an audience, platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc., have not only allowed the whole nature of speaking to an audience to change, but it’s made learning these platforms a necessity.
These platforms, which typically follow a more intimate viewer interaction, have done the most to break down the old, robotic, posh, and ‘professional’ (read boring) style of speaking and giving presentations. It made space for the speaker, meaning you, to abandon decades-old “rules” and adopt more personality-driven methods of reaching your audience.