About Alison

I’ve been speaking for 20 years, a business leader for 15. In 2018 I began a journey of career coaching, specializing in helping professionals prepare for interviews and presentations.

As I got more and more involved in helping clients, I understood most of them were paralyzed by the fear of judgment that comes with public speaking. They were shy and timid about speaking about themselves and it was costing them – big time.



Common to all of them was this idea that to advance their career success and overcome their public speaking difficulty, they had to showcase “professionalism.” That is the fatal mistake. Why? It sucks the fun out of speaking. Speakers feel stuck, pressured to be someone other than themselves. They were trained to focus on the “ums” and “ahs” they were saying, and what to do with their hands, and how to dress.  That is a mistake. 

I realized that they had an incredible opportunity to focus instead on the stories they told and the value their words created, and I had the unique ability to help them find this voice.

I realized the best way to help the trailblazing entrepreneurs of the world was to work with individuals to leverage their smarts, personality and work to craft an authentic presence and inspire their audiences. Together we develop ways to help overcome performance fears and discover a natural voice.

That's what Inspirocity is all about. Inspirocity is the secret to identifying what makes you unique and then applying that to speak before an audience of any kind. Where other coaches prescribe a pattern, I prescribe being you. More than coach you how to speak before a crowd, I coach you on being comfortable with your own voice. I help you discover your strengths, play to them, and keep your audience engaged in who you are and what you have to say.

Speaking is different depending on where and how it happens. I adapt training according to platform and audience, and I work with individuals to craft an authentic presence to inspire their audiences.